Today, one of the most destructive thing that we are using in our Day to Day life is Plastic. 

#Plastic_Bags and #Climate_Change are linked in a variety of ways. 

From destruction in Air-quality to increase in Ocean- toxicity, plastic bags are playing a major role in #Eco-system Disruption. 

Use of plastics may lead to 


The above mentioned are the some of the ways that plastic bags and #Climate_Change are interrelated. Due to this there seems to be a high deterioration in the coastal and #Ocean_Ecosystem, as most of the marine organism are becoming extinct because of consuming plastic waste.

Some people think if the #plastics were disposed properly, the problem will be solved.

But the result  is No.

If you think you have thrown a bag away, remember there is no away!! Every bag you have thrown was stored as a #Landfill somewhere which leads to the destruction in Soil Quality

The Toxin Dioxin which is present in the plastics may leads to the deterioration in the #food_chain of the Ecosystem


To know more different types of pollution and their effect on #climate meet us at " World Congress on Climate Change" during October 15-16, 2018 at Rome, Italy

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