Desertification And Drought

#Desertification:  degradation of Dry land Ecosystem which occurs due to variation in climate and human activities. The occurrence can lead to high level of #water_scarcity. It occurs because of imbalance between the Human demands and the amount the ecosystem can supply.
June 17_ World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
Both Human- Being and Desertification is interlinked as the high level of degradation in dry lands can leads to Water scarcity which leads to the loss of vegetation and increase the large dust cloud formation which causes major Health Problems. Desertification is caused by a combination of social, political, economic, and natural factors which vary from region to region. Effective prevention of desertification requires management and policy approaches that promote sustainable resource use. Prevention should be preferred to rehabilitation, which is difficult and costly.
On the other hand, the effect of Global Climate change on Desertification is complex and difficult to understand. The increase in higher temperature increase the level of Co2 which have negative impacts like loss of Water from soil and reduce rainfall.
On the whole nearly 10 to 20 drylands are already degraded and found to be one of the great environmental change.
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