#Climatic_models are the mathematical representation of the atmosphere, ocean, ice and vegetation. In case of human induced climate change, the climatic models are used to resolve and to find the amount of warming increased and attributed to study how climate will change in future. Climate models are used to simulate the past climate and involves the prediction of future climate based on the projection of Man- Made greenhouse gases.
Researchers have developed climatic models based on a computer software in which the output archives were stored in a CMIP. On the other hand, the data of sea and ocean were stored in another archive called AMIP.

·         Coupled Model Inter comparison Project
The main Objective of CMIP is to better understand the past, present and future climate changes arising from Natural, unforced variability.
·         Atmospheric Model Inter comparison Project
It is an experimental protocol for global atmospheric general circulation models. This model configuration enables scientists to focus on the atmospheric model without the added complexity of ocean-atmosphere feedbacks in the climate system.
·         GISS Climate Model
A major focus of GISS GCM simulations is to study the human impact on the climate as well as the effects of a changing climate on society and the environment.

Nowadays, various methods are developed to predict the Causes of the #Climate_Change, since there is a lag in taking steps to control the #impacts. To discuss more and to share your ideas on Climate Change join with us on “World Congress on Climate Change” during October 15-16, 2018 at Rome, Italy.
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